Please read this article for your safety!

What we do to protect the safety of members on our Dating Site Pinay Israel and protect ourselves. Please read our articles in our blogs.

We are also required by law for our Dating Site to offer the following advice. We don’t do criminal background or screenings on our members. Please act carefully when communicating with any strangers who wants to meet you. Don’t include your home address, your email address, your name in your profile or messages. Stop communicating with anyone who pressures you for financial information or personal information. Please report this to us (Pinay Israel) and we will terminate this account immediately. If you want to meet someone (another member) face to face for the first time, always tell someone of your friends or family where you are going and for how long. Never let someone pick you up at your home. Always use your own transportation to and from your date. Please meet on an public place with many people around for the first meeting.

We do our best to keep scammers away from our site. We accept only members from Israel and we check out our members before we activate his/her profile. Sample: when someone writes in his profile he is from Tel Aviv and his IP is from Ghana or any other country, we will decline his/her application.

Never transfer money to persons that have registered in one country but live in another country! This are 99.9% betrayers or scamers. Most of this scammers using an profile from the Filipines but their real where about is then Africa or Russia. Inform us at once when you find out about such members.

We will add later more in our blog about security.

Hope you enjoy our new Dating Site and find a good spouse and have a happy future.

Uri from Pinay Israel.